You Have Tried All the Standard Stores, Now Try Excellence with Diamond Furniture!

Get your next furniture set at Diamond Furniture, as we promise to be the best deal in town, whether with furniture or price. Diamond Furniture with over 60 decades of experience in making furniture and house hold items has made a name in excellence. The furniture made at Diamond Furniture speaks for itself. We do not only deal in a specific kind of furniture but in a variety of materials like wood, cloth, leather and much more. We also do not manufacture that specific looking furniture at Diamond Furniture instead we are known for the variety in furniture styles and trends which no other shows. It is this variation in designs and services that has led to Diamond Furniture winning the best retailer of the year award. Even our competitors acknowledge the variety and exuberance we display in our designs.

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Chiniot Furniture at your door step

Diamond furniture delivers the furniture made at your door step. It even includes the Chiniot furniture that is made by us. The Chiniot furniture which is very delicate and heavy can be very difficult to handle and manage yet with our immaculate services we ensure that the Chiniot furniture by Diamond Furniture gets to you unharmed and unscathed. We deliver the Chiniot furniture free of charge. Chiniot wood furniture due to its intrinsic and artistic carvings and beautiful designs needs to be handled with extreme care and delicacy. We will ensure that your furniture reaches you safe and sound. And if by any are chance the furniture does get scratched than our service men will be right there to assists you.

Handcrafted furniture by skilled craftsmen of Diamond Furniture

Diamond Furniture delivers what it promises. When we say that the furniture that we deliver will be unique, delicate and beautiful, we mean it! The furniture piece which you choose for yourself will be specially hand crafted by our expert craftsmen. The craftsmen ensure that the design is made and crafted according to your specific needs and requirements. The furniture is made especially according to the specifications of the customer. We not only handcraft tables and chairs rather hand crafted sofas, swings, wooden partitions and other décor item are also available at Diamond Furniture.

Variety in wood furniture like no other

Diamond Furniture offers you variety in wood furniture like no other furniture outlet. At lowest and discounted prices which are 250% cheap than the market prices you will not find rates which you find at Diamond Furniture. The variety ranges from Living room furniture, Dining room furniture, bedroom sets, kids rooms and furnishing and other home furnishing and décor item all under one roof. We also make furniture in leather, stretchable cloth and Chiniot style furniture. The lavish and luxurious variety of material, designs and craft that you will find at Diamond Furniture will be very hard to come by with any other furniture retailer.

Diamond Furniture, Try Our Affordable Yet Stylish Furniture Pieces Today!

Diamond Furniture is one of its kind and yet affordable. The affordability of our furniture is the enhanced charm along with style. Diamond Furniture is the most affordable and yet stylish form of furniture that you will find currently in the Furniture industry. You may have experienced many furniture lines and stores who specialize in either traditional, trendy, classic or metallic furniture. Yet these furniture’s are especially costly and do entertain only a certain type of clientele. Whereas Diamond Furniture entertains each and every aspect of furniture manufacturing. It is this versatility and affordability that has led to Diamond Furniture winning the Retailer of the Year award. Even Diamond Furniture’s competitors acknowledge the hard work we put into making Diamond Furniture the most affordable and versatile furniture store.

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Diamond Furniture and its Chiniot furniture range

Diamond Furniture has another credit to its name and that is the luxurious, delicate and beautifully crafted Chiniot range. It is or privilege that such beautiful and stand out range of Chiniot furniture is offered only by Diamond Furniture. The Chiniot that we use in our line of furniture is extremely reliable and affordable. The beautiful wood is crafted into the furniture piece of your choice than hand polished, and is then shipped to your home only after it is completely ready for your house. The Chiniot furniture that you will purchase at Diamond Furniture will be like an expensive piece and will speak volumes about the way it was made. We deal in many forms of furniture pieces, like dinning sets made from Chiniot, Traditional Classic Sofas, Partitions and much more. We even make the traditional Chiniot wooden swing.

Diamond Furniture is made of real wood

Diamond Furniture is made of real and endurable wood. The furniture that we make does not employ plywood in the name of wood. We deliver what we promise. That is why we even provide a yearlong warranty on the furniture we make for you. To ensure that the wood is well protected and is endurable we even hand polish or wax the furniture. Polishing the wood furniture not only protects it but also prolongs the life of genuine wood furniture. Thus, providing you with full value of the money that you have paid for it.

Affordability is the hall mark of Diamond Furniture

Diamond Furniture prides itself on the affordability and the special prices that it offers on all kinds of its furniture including the wood and Chiniot range. The affordability results from not the fact that we deliver less quality products, we at Diamond Furniture do not compromise with quality rather we cut short on our profits to ensure that our customers get the best deal of it. We even offer free delivery on all our products and while doing that ensure that that the furniture is unscathed and not damaged at all. The rates offered otherwise are 250% less than market price, which makes it a win-win situation for the customer.

Diamond Furniture, Where Versatility and Style are Complementary

Diamond furniture with its affordable prices is aspiring to become the world leading store in classic and traditional furniture for everyone. Diamond Furniture has been proudly and continuously serving its splendid and versatile customers for over 6 decades now. Having a versatile range of customers has led to Diamond Furniture becoming a furniture designer and manufacturer with versatile arrays of expertise and excellence. The expertise that we have developed comes with entertaining customers from all walks of life. Diamond Furniture is not the city corner store that does not entertain anyone with lavish interests and at the same time we are not a store in the lavish mal where the traditional neighborhood and paycheck family cannot shop. Diamond Furniture prides itself at being reachable and accessible by all who wish to buy furniture.

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Diamond Furniture is not your standard dorm like furniture

Diamond Furniture does not look like that standard furniture which you buy from mall and stores than later assemble at home. We deal in real furniture. Diamond Furniture have made it their mission and ambition that your house should look and feel like a house and not a dormitory. Even if you live in a studio or one apartment house, Diamond Furniture will not disappoint you. We have something for everyone according to their needs and requirements.

Diamond Furniture is made of real wood

Diamond Furniture is made of real and guaranteed wood. Not of plywood or canvas. We deal in real and authentic wood that endures and is long lasting. No one in the industry can guarantee as much but Diamond Furniture is all about ensuring your confidence and trust. Diamond Furniture even provides a one year guarantee on the furniture that we sell. You will not find that the wood or Chiniot that we use in our furniture in second rate or not wood at all. This is what Diamond Furniture guarantees. We also guarantee that during shipment your furniture will not be damaged or harmed in any way. Even scratching is not a possibility with our secure shipment.

Affordability is the hall mark of Diamond Furniture

Diamond Furniture is known for the affordability and cheap prices of the furniture they offer. Whether you are buying one piece or a whole room set you will feel the difference and know that you are asked to pay less for such a good piece of furniture. Also, whether you are buying the plain bedroom or lounge sofas and chairs or are purchasing contemporary sofa and tea tables for your lavish and trendy house, the prices that we offer are 250% lowest than the average market price. You do not buy furniture every day. Than make this a worth it experience. We do not do business on interest, which is another of the reasons of our success. You may pay for the furniture in 60 installments without any interest. We offer what no other furniture manufacturer does.

Diamond Furniture and Tradition Go Hand in Hand

Diamond furniture is the best name in the industry when it comes to wooden and Chiniot furniture. We design like no-one else. For close to a century now Diamond Furniture has been supplying its precious customers over many states the furniture of their dreams. And when we say the furniture of their dreams, we mean it. Diamond Furniture boasts of quality, variety, innovation, durability and affordability all at the same time. How many companies can offer so much in so little? Diamond Furniture will ensure that you get the maximum value for your money and the trust that you have invested in us. It is not every day that you buy furniture and change the way your house looks. So why not go for the best. All our products from our wood furniture, to leather and cloth furniture and sofas and interior decoration items are all of the highest imaginable and available quality.

diamond furniture

Chiniot Furniture and Diamond Furniture

Diamond Furniture offers the best Chiniot furniture that there is. Chiniot is known for its qualities of beauty, luster, endurance and class. It is one of the most all time wanted furniture raw materials that Diamond Furniture always sees in demand. With our quality Chiniot we offer a one year warranty and free delivery. The furniture will be delivered to you in complete state of quality without any damage or even a scratch. We guarantee this. Just because we deliver free it does not mean that we do not take care of the product being delivered.

Diamond Furniture and Variety? Birds of a feather!

Diamond Furniture design and manufacture all kinds of furniture. You name it we have it. We design furniture from old traditional and ancient types to the most modern and trendy furniture imaginable. We also have interior décor items made and designed especially for you and your house. The furniture that we design will make your house look from the era you want it to. From the Mycenaean period to the modern classic look, we design it all and we have it all. Furniture by Diamond Furniture is available for living room, dining room, drawing room, and bed rooms. Even exquisite furnishing items like wooden luxury swings, partitions and mirrors are also available.

Diamond Furniture Special Offers for Special Customers

Diamond Furniture has special offers for its special and cherished customers. We even finance Diamond Furniture on 60 month monthly installments. The installments are on interest free basis. We also have free delivery for our customers while providing one year warranty for all the furniture that we manufacture and deliver. Diamond Furniture offers special priced packages for its customers with the lowest imaginable prices in the industry and market. We have delivery open 7 days of the week and all through the year. Take advantage of the special offers that always follow in special seasons like Christmas. Diamond Furniture is the furniture company of the future.